today has i've finally gotten back into the right mindset to work. i've done more in this one day than my entire summer, no joke, i've done 5 sketchbook pages...written an essay on how jealousy is presented in shakespeare's othello, i've begun to write my personal statement anddddd i cooked myself a very nice chicken wrapped in bacon/ jacket potato ensemble that was delish. now.
to do list.

1. give in my passport number tomorrow so that i can actually go on this shitting art trip thats going to be horrendously awful and so boring, stuck with 5 overly enthusiastic art teachers for 4 days... the total cost coming to just under 500 pounds... for four days... i want to slit my wrists just thinking about it. the last one was shit but funny because i actually had friends last year who've now all swanned off to university. but this ones just going to be horrid :'(

2. apply for an art foundation at bucks asap

3. fix my ipod speakers that have mysteriously broken after rachaels crazy partaaaaay last week- cheers sis.

4. sort out stuff for car boot

5. and last but not least, write my personal statement!!!!!!!


such a gem

i want this car so much, and the more i see it around i want to cry. someone in my village has just recently bought one as i keep see it mincing around all over the place... rubbing it in my nose how boring and generic my car really is.

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