oooo lalalalaaah


i like this very much, i may just have to give it a go- watch this space

My good friend vix is 18 tomorrow, and it utterly astonishes me how quickly she's grown up, she's been one of my besties since 14 and now she's all grown up, it was weird enough to whitness her zooming around for the first time in her jazzy black corsa but this has to be even weirder. she's throwing a big party and i can't wait to see everyone, i always feel lethargic when i see all my old friends, brings a tear to my eye to think what good friends i had there, and how i've gone from being surrounded by loved ones to somewhere where people are either scared to talk to me or are too prejudice to even consider it, so tomorrow night will be lovely and i can't wait to get down and grooovy with my besties

i'm so excited to spend it with her though! spent all day today searching for the right thing to get her and i've finally settled on something that i think she'll love and get a lotta use out of, may whack in a bottle of champers as well though- just in case ;)

....tonight i'm staying in with the boyf, having a chilled movie/drinking wine/rubbing molly/smoking a naughty spliff and later probably being complete weirdos- night in. im lookin forward to it!
tomorrow im driving me and my mama up to westfields to get some 'appropriate' clothes for school.... e.g this.....

haaaaaaaaa YES

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