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perhaps its something to do with the underlying urge to splurge but i'm feeling massive withdrawal symptoms for shoes and make up, i drove up to westfields today in my new ford fiesta style (its actually 2007 but who cares) and i felt like lately i'm really letting myself down on my appearance and the only way to improve this is to purchase even more clothes. i know its cliche to say im a shopaholic but i've always had since i was a tiny little girl this urge to have everything. and i don't just mean the new model of polly pocket or the new harry potter on dvd, i mean literally everything i see that i like i will make sure that i have it, even if i never use or wear it more than once i have to have it to say 'oh yeh i have that!' its recently come to attention that this is ridiculous and the urge to splurge needs to be stopped, currently im browsing 3 different clothes websites at once- this is getting ridiculous.
and at the end of the day why do we feel its acceptable to spend stupid amounts of money on clothes- something that'll go out of fashion in a months time, i've decided from now on i'm only allowed to shop in discount and charity shops to try and take things at one small step at a time.
this is such a silly rant

anyway! just got back from reading, and had a lovely hot shower and my papa cooked us all a roast whilst we watched a film. we watched the mothman prophecies? one of the weirdest/creepiest and down right shittest films i think i've ever seen, based around american conspiracies and the belief in extra terrestrial activity, the main characters wife who dies at the beginning is the same actress who plays grace in will and grace so you can't exactly take her instrumental death at the beginning of the film very seriously at all... and richard gere needs to go back to his pretty women days >>>>>

the most beautiful woman alive

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