if you like...

crime books or stories about sexual violence....

honestly one of the best books i've read in a while. normally i hate this sort of thing due to the plots being far too far-fetched or the lack of empirical evidence thats gone into making the book, but behold- this book is the autobiography of Paul Britton, one of the foremost offender profilers in the world. What he searches for at the scene of a crime are not fingerprints, fibres or blood stains, he looks for the "mind trace" left behind by those responsible, the psychological characteristics that can help the police to identify and understand the nature of the perpetrator. And check this out!- this guy has helped in over 100 cases over Britain. You've probably heard of most of them.... the frederick west case, the one where him and his freakish wife killed over 15 young women including their own children! and the rachel nickell case, the one where she got stabbed 49 times on wimbledon common, in broad daylight, infront of her son.

im not tryna promote this book in any way but it certainly helped to open my eyes and look at the world in a more realistic way... just dont read it before you go to bed otherwise you won't be able to sleep for a while !

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