regatta 2010

i woke up yesterday morning with the biggest headache, and the worst mood. gee came round at ten so i was forced to roll outa bed, we both lounged around for ages refusing to get ready, we were both dreading the day to come- got to izzys for 12 for her pre drinks, still feeling awful. however my mood brightened when i saw everyone; liz, boydy, vic, bex, abby, emi, roro, hannah, and many other friendly faces. so we all started on the pimms.
By the time the taxi arrived everyone was pretty much gone, in terms of soberness and general awareness. After we arrived everything just seems a blur... i can't even remember stepping out of the taxi. I haven't been so drunk in ages, so it came as a surprise to me that i was sick behind a bin in the enclosure. (what a disgrace)

HOWEVER.. i did manage to get in some nice photographs before vomming all over the place --->

every time i see these guys we have an amazing time, i miss you so much!

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